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Meet Terry Abblett

Terry Abblett

Terry Abblett

You’ve met the “Caregiver”, now meet the “Caretaker”. Terry is well known by our patients as TCT (Take Charge Terry). She can handle the entire business office by herself, from the most complicated insurance reimbursement issues to providing homemade treats for everyone. Since we don’t have all the administrative paperwork of the managed care system, she can focus all her attention on the care (and feeding) of our patients in a friendly, reassuring manner, with an occasional joke thrown in. She even runs her own quilt fabric mail order company from the office at the same time.

From Need to Passion

“I’ve been under Gonstead Chiropractic care since the age of 5. A Chiropractor friend heard that I was going in for surgery to have my tonsils out and asked my parents to give him two weeks to see if he could help me. He fixed me up so well that my father decided to become a Chiropractor himself. I started working in his office when I was a teenager, which gives me more than 50 years of experience running a busy Chiropractic office.

When I was 20 years old, I was in a very serious auto accident which crushed my jaw, fractured my wrist and ankle and left me in intensive care for two weeks. Thanks to immediate Chiropractic care from my father and then continuing care to this date from Dr. David, I have very few residuals from that accident. I’m absolutely convinced that I would have been severely disabled if not for Chiropractic care.

Dr. David and I have been married since 1970 (sweethearts since 1964) and look forward to every day of the practice we have created together. Because of my long background in Chiropractic, I can answer questions accurately and help our patients feel comfortable during their treatment here. I treat everyone in our practice like a member of our family and the feelings are returned. We get invited to our patients’ weddings, birthday parties and other family events. I love to sew quilts, snow ski on a monoski, ride a jetski in the summer, swim, scuba dive, hike and any activity that involves our three wonderful grandsons and our granddaughter.”

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