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What Concord Patients Say About Abblett Chiropractic

If you’re not one of the many people who consult our clinic from a referral, it can be helpful to hear what other patients say about their experience in our practice.

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Abblett Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Dr. Alex Morrow

  • I was happy to get relief from my first visit.

    - Trevino F.
  • I love getting my carpal tunnel and back fixed without surgery!

    - Charles H.
  • My first visit at Abblett Chiropractic was great. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I am hopeful my pain will be eliminated in no time. Thank you.

    - Sandra D.
  • You always take good care of me and help me feel better.

    - Judy H.
  • Feeling much better already!

    - Harold W.
  •  I learned some things that made me feel more secure about my treatment .

    - Jennifer H.
  • My daughter went in with a swelled up ankle from a soccer accident. With only two sessions and three days rest she was back running. Amazing work!

    - Hannah J.
  • I appreciated the attention to detail and believed that Dr. Abblett truly wants to help me.

    - Ralph P.
  • I am thankful for meeting Dr. Abblett and being placed under his care!

    - Suheyl A.
  • As a returning patient and experienced a quick recovery I am expecting the same with this treatment.

    - Mary M.
  • Great overall experience thanks to helpful staff and knowledgeable expertise from Dr. Morrow! Can’t recommend this establishment enough!

    - Julian P.
  • I know that I have come to the right place to get my body back in balance. Yes!

    - Linda W.
  • Very satisfied with the whole experience Thank you so much.

    - Iris M.
  • Very pleasant experience. Thorough explanation of what I needed and plan of treatment.

    - Merrill W.
  • I’m glad to have found you!

    - Cynthia W.
  • My appointment was very educational! I’m also grateful for a game plan that doesn’t involve medication or surgery.

    - Frische A.
  • So far so good, only my first visit but I enjoyed both office and doctor.

    - Claude S.

Exceeded My Expectation

The level of detail and thoroughness received, even on my first visit, exceeded my expectation and any previous chiropractor experience. I’m amazed of how much better I feel overall after the initial adjustment, even though more are to follow; most notably the positive change in my mental state. I plan to recommend Dr. Morrow to many people.
James S.

Glad I Made this Decision

The visit was better than expected … I have been putting off the pain for far too long and now I’m paying the price. Avoiding the fear of the ” unknown” is the main reason I stayed away… but I’m glad I made the decision to visit your office. I look forward to future visits and most of all the relief of pain in my back and shoulders that I should have taken care of long ago. Thank you!!
Tyrone S.

Exceptional Skills

I appreciate your entire office’s skill, education, and attitude. Everything about my experience was good from the condition and cleanliness of the office, to the exceptional skill of the doctor, to the intelligence, communication and friendliness of the reception. Top notch. Thank you.
Troy L.

Great First Visit

Loved going over the x-ray and I’m already feeling changes! I’m looking forward to getting back in alignment. Dr. Abblett and his wife were very welcoming and kindly answered all of my many questions. Great first visit!
Clint D.

Thank You

Thank you for such a quick appointment, for making me feel confident that you’ll be able to help me and then I can look forward to the future with less pain and more importantly, improved health.
Linda B.

I Will Be Back

First time I’ve used chiropractic in over 15 years. With this office, I will be back. The Doctor and his wife who runs the office are very knowledgeable and are also into non-traditional methods of treating some kinds of conditions, like a tip on how to deal with a plantar wart. Sounds like that wouldn’t be part of chiropractic, but it affects my gait and thus my skeletal structure.
~ Greg M.

My Whole Experience Was Amazing!

I have been in pain for the last 5 months. It’s affected my sleep, relationships, and overall quality of life. My friend, a previous chiropractor, suggested I see Dr. Abblett. I had seen 2 other chiropractors, 2 spine docs, tried pilates and even taken meds with no real help. I was desperate and willing to try anything. My whole experience was amazing! Dr. Abblett was so confident, it was hard not to believe him. My friend said “Just do what he tells you to do and you’ll be fine.” Dr. Abblett diagnosed me with something completely different and within 2 treatments, my pain is a little better and I’m so excited for what is to come. He listens to me like no other doctor has, and I truly feel like getting me back to my normal athletic activities is important to him. I have a treatment plan and am confident I’ll be back to my active self in no time.
~ Patti M.

More Than What I Expected

I had severe pain in my lower back and right leg. Dr. Abblett went above and beyond what I expected. He even came in on a holiday to provide treatment for my lower back pain. I was a new patient but he made me feel like I was his only patient which is unheard of nowadays.
~ John K.

Feeling Very Hopeful

Terry and Dr. Abblett were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and thorough, and after only one visit, I truly left feeling very hopeful we will resolve the source of the condition and that I will regain my lost health and continue to improve from there.
~ Eileen K.

Felt so Cared For

I felt so cared for and welcome. As my first experience with a chiropractor I also came away feeling confident that you will be very helpful. Steve was so glad to hear about my treatment.
~ Jacqueline A.

Knowledgable and Kind

I found Dr. Abblett to be very knowledgable and kind. He’s obviously done this work for a long time. He didn’t act surprised by any of my questions and, in fact, encouraged them. Because of this I have the freedom to ask more questions.
~ Laura J.

Positive And Uplifting Experience

Dr. Abblett is a miracle worker! I have been to many chiropractors throughout my lifetime, and he is miles above the others in both adjusting skills and manner. A visit to his office is such a positive and uplifting experience. I fully trust him with my healing journey. Terry is a thousand rays of sunshine, and will brighten your day with her warm and caring personality. A top notch office in every respect. I highly recommend a visit to Dr. David; he just may be the answer you have been hoping for.
~ Pam O.


I was grateful that D.r Abblett gave me the option to continue with treatment or not, given the fact that I wasn’t experiencing any lower back pain, even though my X-Ray showed my lower back was out of alignment, and an adjustment could cause some muscle soreness. I chose to proceed with a treatment because of the long term benefits to the health of my back.
~ Michael S.

So Pleased

I am so pleased to be with your business. It is refreshing to see someone take the time to evaluate and run tests before just performing an adjustment on my teenager. We are very excited for you to help her. We feel confident that we found someone whom will be able to really help her. She said after 1 adjustment, she already feels better.
~ Lynnea M.

Kind Professional Staff

I’m very much looking forward to working with such a kind and professional staff. After only one visit to your office, I feel very confident that I will finally be able to get on the road to healing my back and even other debilitating conditions that I currently suffer from. Thanks Dr. Abblett and Terry.
~ Karen K.

Family Friendly

The office feels very family friendly. Dr. Abblett is very knowledgeable and explained everything he was doing. We are excited to have him close by and will have no problem referring him and his office.
~ Leah O.

Very Much Appreciated

Very much appreciated the attention to detail and professionalism of the staff and practice. Looking forward to working with Dr Abblett to resolve recent injury, and proceed with regular visits into the future in order to minimize possibility of further injury.
~ Halloway J.

Welcoming Atmosphere

Thank you for seeing me and taking me as a patient. I enjoyed your welcoming atmosphere and really appreciate you explaining things to me. Looking forward to seeing you again!
~ Paul D.

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